Thursday, July 3, 2008

lunch and more

Today, Jim and I had lunch with Jane Kurtz, children's author and head of Ethiopia Reads, and her husband. The focus was Ethiopia Reads--the organization that began the first children's library in Addis and has since expanded, thanks to Johannes, the Ethiopian national who had the dream to start the library in the first place. (

I am continually inspired by this story of a national giving back to his country in such a sound and responsible way. Most kids in Ethiopia never get to even hold a book in school--if they even get to go to school. All gov. schools are taught by rote with the teacher having 50plus kids and writing on a blackboard. (In some schools, kids wait patiently to use the ONLY pencil for the class!)

Jim and Jane went to school together in Addis Ababa when they were kids. Now we're all linked up--on different levels. And Jane lives in Lawrence, KS. So we're even close. I don't believe in coincidences. This was somehow PLANNED!

I also had the privilege of talking to Jane about her successful writing career. And joy of joys, we've scheduled a separate lunch in a few weeks to "talk shop" without our husbands. ha 

Dreams of having a published book still dangle in front of me. I sure hope I get to GRAB that dream soon!

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